Ergonomic File Handle

For Comfortable Production Filing

Ergonomic file handle for production filing

Fit the tool to the worker...

The Walton Ergonomic File Handle's design incorporates the natural wrist angle of approximately 35 degrees. The handle is constructed so that the tool's axis is better aligned with the forearm, significantly reducing muscle fatigue. It allows the operator to rotate the arm slightly to change the angle of the file, and still apply the necessary pressure to keep the file in contact with the work piece. Studies report that even repetitive filing jobs have become more comfortable, safe, and efficient as a result of this design.

Ergonomically safe designs are being studied and used to reduce or eliminate fatigue, discomfort and stressors. Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs) are an occupational illness to which industry is becoming more aware, and ergonomic tools are becoming more important.

The grooved surface of the Walton Ergonomic File Handle provides a perfect, non-slip grip for the hand. Its slightly bulging mid-section is cradled comfortably in the palm of even a small hand.

Protect your workers today, while making them more efficient and comfortable, with the Walton Ergonomic File Handle. Repetitive filing tasks become more comfortable to perform, while also reducing CTDs. Better production may be achieved with less lost time.


Insert the file tang into the lateral hole closest to the end of the aluminum handle. If the tang protrudes through the soft grip, you must grind off enough to allow it to go through the aluminum only (so that it is held securely in place), but not so far as to injure the operator's hand. Next, alternately tighten the internal screws to lock the file into the handle.

File not included. Replacement screws and finger guard also available.

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