Style A Tap Extensions for Hand Tapping only

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UPC No. 054808

Each set contains two 5" long extensions, which can be used either alone (to lengthen the tap 5") or in combination (to lengthen the tap 10").

Tap Extension for hand tapping
Style A Extension Sets
Tap Size EDP No. Square Shank of Tap Square Socket of Opening Major OD of Extension
#10 (3/16")45010.152 sq..154 sq. .289
1/4"45025.191 sq..193 sq. .354
5/16"45031.238 sq..242 sq. .454
3/8" (.206 sq.)45037.206 sq..210 sq. .404
3/8" (.286 sq.)45038*.286 sq.*.290 sq. .529
7/16"45043.242 sq..246 sq. .454
1/2"45050.275 sq..279 sq. .529
5/8"45062.360 sq..364 sq. .704

* The 3/8" (.286 sq.) size is more frequently used than the 3/8" (.206 sq.) size. Please specify which is required.

Important ordering information for all Walton Tap Extensions:

  1. Do not use the abbreviation "EXT." on your orders. This could refer to either "Extensions" or "Extractors."
  2. All orders for WALTON Tap Extensions must clearly specify either "Style A" or "Style B." Please note the range of sizes available for each. Also note that Style A Extensions are only used for hand tapping.
  3. The unit of packaging and pricing for Style A Extensions is a set, or pair, of two (2) per box. Style B Extensions are packaged and priced individually (except Set No. 9).
  4. Special sizes or lengths will be quoted upon receipt of complete dimensional requirements, when within the range of our manufacturing capabilities.
  5. Size 3/8" taps are available with either .206 sq. shanks or .286 sq. shanks. We have two different sizes of Style A Extensions to fit these two tap squares. Please specify which size is required.
  6. Orders for Pipe Tap Extensions must clearly specify "Pipe Tap" and indicate "Style B."
  7. Size 1/8" Pipe Taps are available with either .3125 dia. shanks or .4375 dia. shanks. We have two different sizes of Style B Pipe Tap Extensions to fit these. Please specify which size is required.

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