Easily Remove a Broken Tap From the Hull of a Boat

with Walton Tap Extractors

Extracting a broken tap from a ship's hull

Recently, a boatyard was replacing zincs on the hull of a boat. While re-tapping the screw holes to accommodate the new zincs, a tap broke off in the ship's hull.

Extracting a broken tap from a ship's hull

The broken tap is grabbed by a Walton Tap Extractor that is held by a tap wrench.

Extracting a broken tap from a ship's hull

The tap is easily removed with minimal operator effort.

Extracting a broken tap from a ship's hull

The new zinc is held in place with new screws.

The Full Story: Walton's Tap Extractors Mean Smooth Sailing for Portland Boat Works

Walton's Tap Extractors recently saved the day for Rob Sutton, a mechanic at Portland Boat Works in Portland, Connecticut. During the non-sailing months of winter, Rob keeps busy completing off-season maintenance, including routine engine work and zinc anode replacement, on various types and sizes of boats.

To attach new zincs, Rob has to create new holes in the keel of the boat. While tapping holes for new zincs on a 65 foot aluminum craft, Rob's tap snapped off, leaving the metal tap embedded in the aluminum (photo #1 above). At a loss for how to remove the tap, Rob remembered hearing about Walton's Tap Extractors and contacted Walton to order a set.

After receiving his set of Extractors, Rob found the tap a breeze to remove. First, he cleaned out all the excess material in and around the hole with compressed air. Next, since aluminum is a soft, sticky metal that tends to grab when tapping holes and removing a broken tap, Rob placed a few drops of cutting oil on the broken tap. He then inserted the fingers of the Extractor into the flutes of the broken tap, attached a tap wrench to the end of the Extractor (photo #2), and turned the wrench. Finally, the broken piece came right out (photo #3).

After saving what could have been hundreds of dollars in extraction and repair costs, Rob had nothing but praise for Walton's Tap Extractors, "They are very easy to use. I put Walton's tool on my broken tap and it came right out! Walton makes quality products. They have the best solution on the market." Now Rob keeps a set of Extractors handy to give him peace-of-mind when completing any projects requiring hole tapping.

Walton's Tap Extractors are available in standard or custom-designed sets or as individual pieces. They are made specifically for #4 to 1-1/2" machine screw and hand taps, 3 mm to 38 mm taps in all standard flute styles, 1/8" to 1" pipe taps and #4 to 5/8" Helical Coil STI taps.

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